Clicker Gundog

Good field work is built on an understanding of the dog's abilitiy to maintain self control and the handler's ability to understand this and the environment.

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From the back: Gundogs have inherited specialized skills that have been honed over hundreds of generations. This book looks at taking this natural skill, enhancing it and using it to enrich a working partnership that is a joy to experience. Good field work is built on an understanding of the dog´s ability to maintain self control and the handler´s ability to understand this and the environment. With Clicker Gundog you can learn how to develop a partnership with positive training in detailed, easy to follow recipes. From the basics to hunt and retrieve training, the key to success in all these areas is high level control that exceeds the stimuli of a shoot. This is achieved by careful planning and avoids any negative experience. Helen Phillips has been shooting for many years with her team of Hungarian Vizlas. These multipurpose dogs will hunt, work with the beat, point, flush, retrieve from all terrain and in water. The dogs accompany both Helen and her husband on a range of different types of shoots from large commercial events to a pleasant day rough shooting. Helen has Distinction in the Certificate in Canine Training and Behavior and now teaches on the same course at Warwickshire College. She teaches a variety of clicker training courses at Learning About Dogs including regular workshops in gundog training.

1 Introduction
2 Foundation Training
Intro to the Gun
Recall for Puppies
Target to the Hand
Elastic Recall
Sit in Front
Positioning the Dog
Chin to hand target
Shaking on Cue
Working at a Distance
Left and Right
3 Control Training
Capturing Scent
Teaching the dog to focus on you
Squeal, means join me
Measuring fitness and excitement
Measuring effect of stimuli
Testing control against the environment
Using target hand to measure control
Using caged birds to develop self-control and stimulus control
Park the dog
Walking free
4 Hunt Training
Introducing the dog to game
Catch up game
Experiencing the moment
Wing hunting game
Hunting "Go Find"
Hunting placed food
Using cold game or scented dummy
Connecting scent and location of game
Using caged birds and quartering
Strengthening the point with a wing
Strengthening the point with caged bird
Flushing on cue
Drop to flush
Establishing the quartering distance
5 Retrieve Training
Retrieve assessment
Sit and mark
Marking from the shot
Collection and delivery
Generalise dummies and game
Adding the cues
More shaping on the pick up
Change to hand
Which way to deliver
The complete chain
Directed retrieve
Blind retrieve
Retriever from water
Retriever over jump
6 Ready For the Shoot

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